Order Form: Group PRI Reports

This order form is only available to certified PRI Practitioners (form submissions from individuals who are not certified will not be processed).

All prices are in Euro (excluding VAT, if applicable) and for electronic PDF reports. Invoice scan only be issued to the certified PRI Practitioner using the invoice details on file. For reports, 50% of the invoice amount is payable up front and 50% 10 days after the first report has been created. Customization feeds are payable in advance.

Customization fees are non-refundable. For reports, cancellation fee of 25% incurred once booking has been confirmed. For cancellations after completion of the assessment, a cancellation fee of 50% applies. The same 50% apply also for unused reports for this group.

Upon payment of the customization fees, a custom link will be created for this group. The Practitioner will need to provide all necessary data (such as details custom demographics, custom banner image, custom starting screen/completion screen text) before. Adding additional data cuts after the initial setup has been completed will incur an additional setup fee of 250€.

For reports, the Practitioner will receive an assessment code for this group of clients upon receipt of 50% of the invoice amount. Fees include setup of customized demographics and text (if applicable), standard PDF reports for each client, group/team report graphs as PDF and JPG (bar chart with 6 domain scores, circular graphic) and custom data cuts (if applicable) as bar charts. A minimum of 5 clients need to be aggregated for the group graphs.

Clients will need to enter a valid assessment code in order for the report to be processed. Submissions with invalid or no assessment codes will not be processed. The assessment code is valid for the number of reports ordered only. It is the responsibility of the Practitioner to ensure that only clients authorized to take the assessment will have access to the assessment code. Credits are valid 10 business date from the start of data collection and can not be transferred to another client/group or other Practitioners.

Implementation time for customizations need to be agreed upfront. If all data is available, regular delivery time is 5-10 business days.

Time frames for data collection (max. 10 business days) and delivery time for individual