Personal Resilience Indicator Researchers

The Personal Resilience Indicator is a 20-25 minute baseline diagnostic with 129 questions to help assess your resilience.

In order to get a realistic picture of your current level of resilience, it is important that you answer the questions honestly and in accordance with how you think, feel and behave rather than how you wish things to be. It’s not about getting a high score or picking the “right” answers.

Read each statement carefully and select how much it applies to you considering your experience over the past 4 weeks (unless stated otherwise in the instructions). Don’t overthink it and answer based on your initial gut reaction.

There may be some questions that you may think are not relevant to your current situation. In such cases, select the answer which would most likely reflect your thinking or behaviour.

After completing the diagnostic, you will receive your Personal Resilience Indicator report via email a few hours ahead of our workshop (please also check your spam folder). During the workshop you will learn how to interpret your scores and how to improve your resilience quickly. Your individual scores are confidential and will be shared with you only.


This diagnostic is intended for informational and research purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional advice or medical, psychological, psychiatric diagnosis or treatment.


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