Here at Mind Matters, we are using proven strategies, grounded in neuroscience and psychology to uncover the reasons why, having worked so hard, you still feel like there is something is missing. 

If you feel like the next promotion, the bigger house, the next whatever will make everything ok, you’re missing the point!  (Destination Addiction) It will bring only transient happiness, the same as it did as all the other times.


Paul is passionate about helping high-achievers transform their productivity, leadership style and emotional intelligence to become more authentic leaders of themselves and others. Building on his past experiences as a top athlete, member of an elite military unit, recovering addict and as a successful entrepreneur, he knows what it takes to change your brain and transform ingrained patterns of thought and behaviour. 

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Nadine is a trusted advisor to corporate and academic leaders. A scientist by training and at heart, she conducted her doctoral research at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, she was a consultant with McKinsey & Company. In her work as a leadership expert, she uses her scientific mind to transfer the latest insights from neuroscience and behavioural economics to create transformative breakthroughs for her clients.