Fast Forward


Achieve amazing productivity and reduce your stress levels in 7 weeks by implementing the productivity secrets
that allows management consultants and high-performing industry teams to generate results quickly.

2024 classes starting On 

April 15 & October 21

If you've been working in research for a while, then you also know how frustrating it can be. Despite your best efforts and the long hours you are putting in, your projects just don't seem to move forward as fast as they should be. Heck, at the end of some weeks, you are wondering if you are making progress at all! Sure enough, there are people, whose projects just seem to just fly along: generating result after result, the next paper coming together seemingly nice and easy. And you're wondering when this is going to happen to you or if this could happen to you at all.

It's not like you're not busy - you're working on your projects day in, day out. Not to mention: you've got lots of ideas for experiments you would like to pursue, a growing stack of papers to be read, the presentation for the next meeting to be prepared, lots of emails to be answered. If you only had more time to begin with!

And you worry about your career: Everybody knows about the odds of making it in academia. Sure, there are amazing careers waiting in industry, consulting, publishing - you name it. Scientists turned entrepreneur are making headlines. But with your projects moving along as they are, you are wondering if you can make your mark against the competition, stand out of the crowd. You are asking yourself, if you have the skills you need to succeed out there. You are not alone. A recent survey among graduate students by Nature magazine revealed that 55% of early-stage researchers are concerned about their work-life balance and worry about their futures.

Is this how it is supposed to be?

I get it. I've been there myself. Now - after having worked as a management consultant for more than 10 years - I know that there is a different way.

You can do it too! You don't need to become a management consultant to master these skills!

Imagine, if ...

  • ... you had clarity on where your projects are headed and where you stand at any time
  • ... you approached your projects in a manner that allows you to consistently generate results every 2-3 weeks,
  • ... you communicated with your supervisor, colleagues and collaborators in a way that engages them and gets them aligned with your goals,
  • ... you knew exactly what to do every day to allow you to take the biggest step forward,
  • ... had a system in place that adapts to your working style and that you can use for all kind of projects.

Yes, you can do it!

Will your productivity system be perfect from week one? No, of course not. Transforming your productivity does not happen over night. It's a journey that will take effort and dedication. It's not a miracle, but a skill that you are building. But you don't have to figure it out all by yourself.

3 Reasons why improving your
productivity should be a priority for you

1. Get More Results

With clarity comes focus and consistent focus translates into results. Knowing where to put your efforts and getting the most out of every day will get you more results. No doubt about it. Of course you will still have to deal with the unexpected, experiments that don't work and competitors publishing before you do. Hey, it's research after all. Accept it. However, being more productive allows you to make the difficult decisions faster and to bounce back from setbacks more quickly.


Once you stop spinning your wheels day in and day out, the stress that has been with you disappears. We all know about the consequences of chronic stress both on your body and your cognitive ability.


More and more job descriptions mention time and project management skills as important. Not only that, once you got the job, they often make the difference between successfully transitioning to the next level or getting stuck where you are, the difference between standing out and being a face in the crowd, between achieving balance in your life and burnout.


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Before knowing those tools and techniques, my project management was very poor and I felt I very dependent on other people. Yet after being aware of these techniques, I am actively pushing my project forward and have a clear vision how to get the job done.


Taking this course has given me back my confidence that I can finish my PhD. I had lost my optimism about completing it in a satisfactory manner.


I feel more productive, as the days run more smoothly, as I identify challenges and obstacles in advance, allowing me to plan in more time for the unexpected. Consequently, unexpected things are less stressing and late working hours reduced.


My mindset towards project management has changed a lot. I thought it was hot air but after the course I realize it is a powerful tool!



Over the past 12 years, I have discovered just how powerful and transformative a simple and robust productivity system can be. After more than five years of working for one of the most prestigious management consulting firms, I set up my own ventures.

Since then, I've been running several companies at the same time while travelling for 4-5 months every year and sold one of our companies to a market leader just last year. I have often asked myself what would have happened, if I had learned these skills earlier in my career when I was still in research.

I created this program, so that researchers like you get to experience just that. Fast Forward integrates the lessons and insights from the past 10 years of working with the top minds in consulting and industry, talking and listenening to productivity experts and reading thousands and thousand of pages on the topic of productivity, learning and stress reduction. This implementation program is a 7-week coaching program designed to help you implement an agile project and time management system in your research projects. It will transform the way you work and help you achieve new levels of clarity, focus and momentum in your projects, while reducing your stress levels.

I get it. I've been there myself. Now - after having worked as a management consultant for more than 10 years - I know that there is a different way.



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Getting Started

In the first week, we focus on getting you up to speed, lay the foundations and install a beginner's mindset for the
weeks ahead.

1. The 12 Week Vision

Understand the difference between goals, projects and end products and map out your roadmap for the next 3 months.


Gain clarity on your projects, including criteria and boundaries of success, tools and resources required and stakeholders
to involve.

3. The Results Generator

Break down your projects into manageable chunks, lay out the roadmap that will keep you focused on your goal and install the frameworks to guide your daily activities.

4. The Sprint Planner

Define incremental end produts and the activities to get you there. Understand the principle of sprints and move from planning to execution.

5. The Productive Day

Prioritize your tasks and decide which tasks to outsource or delegate. Structure your day for maximum productivity and explore ways of saying no, while still being helpful.

7. The Sprint

Install the daily and weekly routines to keep you on track during a sprint and focused on your project goal. Learn how to use accountability techniques to keep momentum both when working alone and in a team.

8. The Improvement Engine

Conduct a post-mortem to review your sprint outcome and execution. Install routines to achieve continuous improvement with each sprint.

2022 classes starting On 

April 25 & October 17



Nadine is one of the Founding Members and Managing Directors of Mind Matters, a boutique consulting and coaching company based in Malta, which offers advisory services to companies and two transformative signature programs for high-achieving individuals.

While Straight Talk supports executives on their leadership journey by transforming their inner dialogue to achieve emotional resilience and agility, the Fast Forward signature program helps early-stage researchers achieve new levels of productivity by installing an agile project and time management approach.

Prior to founding Mind Matters, Nadine worked as an independent strategy consultant in Munich, Germany and also founded a food business, which was sold to one a leading industry player in 2017. She is also a Licensed NLP Master Practitioner and Co-Active Coach.

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Nadine worked almost six years as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company. As a Project Manager, Nadine led numerous projects in 20 countries both in the public and private sector. Prior to joining McKinsey & Company, Nadine completed her PhD in Molecular Biology at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen, Germany.

Download a free chapter and take a peek into Nadine’s #1 International Amazon bestseller for researchers.

MORE Success stories from our members

I'm not sure if the amount of work that I do has increased or not. However, now I know exactly on which areas I'm making progress, where my bottlenecks lie and I'm collecting data on which activities take longer time than I expect them to. I feel that with time I will get to better know myself and the way I best work so that I can increase my productivity continuously for a long time.


I'm much more confident now about where I am and where I am going to with my Project. I have a clear picture of what needs to be done, and what are the small steps. This provide confidence, that my 12 month Goal is achievable and that I am on track of my project, which also reduces the stress level.


I changed mostly doing the things first that allow me to make the biggest progress and also I feel a bit more comfortable saying no to other or not immediately make time for them if I can't do so that moment. By saying a bit more often no to other I can focus more on my own work and work mostly on the things that are urgent and important for me and not only urgent and important to others. I feel I have more time for my things.


I feel that I have the tools to be more productive and just have to train to use them in the future. I feel more confident about managing projects now. My stress levels have decreased because I have an overview over the project and it is not a large pile of work if it is broken down. I do think that my stress levels will decrease further once I have more routine in using the project management tools.


Are you a training or program coordinator interested in offering this training to researchers at your university or research institution?

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