Paul is one of the owners of Mind Matters, a boutique coaching and consulting company based in Malta, which he founded together with his wife Nadine. 

As a coach specialised is stress management and burnout prevention, Paul works with high-achieving executives, entrepreneurs and researchers from all over the world. Building on insights from neuroscience, cognitive science and behavioural economics, he helps his clients stay emotionally healthy through the ups and downs of life, while delivering top performance under pressure. 

Paul started his career as a Nuclear Propulsion Engineer with the British Royal Navy. As part of an elite group of submariners, he served during the Falkland’s conflict and the cold war and participated in several high-stake missions that remain classified until this day. 

After leaving the Royal Navy, Paul’s passion for music and stage lights led him all over the world working with great names such as Eric Clapton, Suzanne Vega, UB40 and the Prodigy.

The greatest sorrow any of us can visit upon ourselves is to know that at the setting of the sun we have wasted our days. There is nothing more piercing than the sad realisation and remorse we feel that we have pissed away our true potential that resides in every sunrise.

While founding several successful ventures, Paul also had his share of painful experiences and struggles along the way such as beating a 20-year-old addiction which he developed upon leaving the navy and caring daily for a chronically ill family member for 5 years. 

Building on his own experience of what it takes to change your brain and shed old patterns of behaviour and thought, he has been helping his clients for the past 10 years. 

Paul is an unconventional, lateral thinker who gets to the point. He has a natural ability to build trust with his clients and recognise old patterns and limiting beliefs at the heart of the matter.

After quitting my job as a corporate lawyer, Paul guided me step-by-step through a process of structured techniques that allowed me to discover deep insights, let go of the past and get ready for my next steps.
I can highly recommend Paul as a coach: with his openness, honesty and compassion, he created a comfortable and safe space to share my thoughts and feelings.
Paul listened with great empathy, provided me with tools to change negative patterns into positive habits and empowered me to become the best version of myself.
Paul's coaching gave me exactly what I needed to feel ready for the future, and I will always be grateful for this incredible experience!

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The most importing thing about working with Paul is his way with people: he is a very approachable person and builds a great rapport. One of the things that stand out for me is that there is no judgement. He is a good listener, and that makes people feel accepted, comfortable and heard. This provides a solid foundation for the relationship.
What makes his coaching off the chart is that the life Paul lived, which comes with vast experience through pain of his own. These experiences make him very insightful, and he picks up on stuff with his intuition. He spots things the client is trying to hide. Sometimes we don’t hide things intentionally, but more out of fear or pride. Paul is able to pick up on that and provide solid advice. He applies the stuff he teaches, and that is how he knows the power behind it and can give his clients more than just words.


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