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Nadine works internationally as a management consultant, executive coach and keynote speaker in the areas of resilience, performance, wellbeing at work, leadership development and corporate strategy. Within organisations, she supports management teams in developing winning strategies and in driving sustainable, cultural change. As a coach and trainer, she helps executives and entrepreneurs to become more effective and authentic leaders with the courage and conviction to realise their full impact in business and their personal lives.

A scientist by training and at heart, Nadine is passionate about developing new techniques and tools for leadership training that are grounded in the latest insights from neuroscience, cognitive science and behavioural economics. The design of her coaching programs integrates these insights on how our brains acquire, store and apply new information and habits to achieve lasting and transformative changes for her clients.

As such, working with the next generation of researchers and academic leaders is close to her heart. Her international bestseller "ON TRACK: How to lead research projects with clarity and confidence" is on the shelves of many university libraries. Having trained more than 1,000 researchers in classical workshops and Mind Matters' flagships two-month training programs "Fast Forward: Time and Project Management Training for Researchers" and "Resilience Training for Researchers", she knows that wellbeing and top performance are not add odds and attainable for everyone. 

Resilience is not about not letting anything get to us. It’s also not about avoiding failure at all cost. Resilience is staying light on our feet to deal with the cards we have been dealt. In today’s fast-paced world we can not avoid stressors. And we can’t sustain peak performance without resilience: that holds true at home, on the playing field and in the boardroom.

Nadine grew up in a small village in Bavaria in southern Germany. With entrepreneur parents, she spent her childhood among start-ups and experienced first-hand what it takes to stay focused on what matters most and deliver peak performance through the ups and downs of running a business.

Nadine started her career as a researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, where she completed her PhD. She also acquired a master’s degree in Molecular Biology from the University of Göttingen and a BSc in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Abertay-Dundee in Scotland.

Before embarking on her own entrepreneurial journey in 2014, Nadine was a management consultant with McKinsey & Company for six years. As a Project Manager in charge of multiple projects, Nadine led project teams in more than 20 countries both in the public and private sector.

I have contracted many consultants - Nadine is one of the best, who ever worked for me. She did an excellent job in her role. She mastered the content and interactions with my team. I would engage her anytime as a consultant for another project.
She is also an excellent coach: her interactions with people and teams are thoughtful and effective which was highly appreciated by myself and my team.

Business Unit Head

Pharmaceutical Industry

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Nadine. I have had the privilege of knowing Nadine for ten years.
With her incredible intellect, her strength and determination to succeed, combined with her caring personality, Nadine is a true inspiration. As a true asset for any position requiring excellence, I wholeheartedly recommend Nadine without any hesitation.

Strategic Marketing Manager

Pharmaceutical Industry